• Monthly Membership Union Meeting October 10th 6:00 PM – Local 1238 Union Hall 4 Larch Circle, Wilmington, DE 19804 full calendar
  • Monthly Membership Union Meeting November 14th 6:00 PM – Local 1238 Union Hall 4 Larch Circle, Wilmington, DE 19804 full calendar
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Profiles: Oscar Cerda
    September 29th - 5:47pm
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Profiles
    September 28th - 2:30pm
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Profiles: Joaquín Rodríguez
    September 28th - 1:53pm
  • Service & Solidarity Spotlight: Hospitality Workers Vote by 95% to Authorize Las Vegas Strip Strike
    September 28th - 1:48pm
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Profiles: Maria Camilo
    September 27th - 2:07pm
  • Service & Solidarity Spotlight: Biden Becomes First President to Walk a Strike Picket Line; Joins UAW in Michigan
    September 27th - 2:01pm
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Profiles: Ricardo Sanchez
    September 26th - 2:06pm
  • Service & Solidarity Spotlight: Wrigley Field Concession Workers Authorize Strike
    September 26th - 2:05pm
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Profiles: Cynthia Rivera-Havard
    September 25th - 2:25pm
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Profiles: Neftali Nieves-Reyes
    September 22nd - 2:00pm


Patti Newberry  


Carneys Point -  Chief Steward

Carol Gardner  

Customer Care

Carneys Point
Chris Craner Customer Care Carneys Point
Sean Hinkson Customer Care Carneys Point
Susan Gerstle Credit Carneys Point
Ken Charshee Calpine Hay Road
Matt Espil Line City of Dover
Ron McNair McKee Run Dover
Chris Swift LNG LNG Plant
Nick Baronie Gas Operations MLK - Chief Steward
Kevin Freeberry Service MLK
Desheryl Broadwater Customer Care - Sr Outreach MLK
Ralph Pini Gas Engineering MLK
Nick Pruitt Gas C&M MLK
Dave Titter Gas C&M MLK

Pat  Leahan 

Trouble NCRO - Chief Steward
Gabe Alvini ETC NCRO
Mary Ellen Boyer DC&M NCRO
Eric Burke Meter Reading NCRO
Sharon Burns Building Services NCRO
Keith Campbell Cable NCRO
Phil DiFrancisco Line North East
Kathy Ennis Document Services NCRO
Brian Hoopes Gas Meter NCRO
Randy Jamison VRM NCRO
Ron Kotterwas Gas Meter NCRO

Colin Lamb

Dave Lennon Substations NCRO
Leon Morris Electric Meter NCRO
Don Ritter Service NCRO
Jamin Smith Line NCRO
Tom Smith Engineering NCRO