Chartered September 10, 1946 to represent various classifications for the electric and gas division employees employed by Delaware Power & Light Company. The purpose of establishing the union was a means to make sure the workers were treated with dignity and respect, a voice in the work place to improve working conditions, wages and benefits.

In 1961 various clerical classifications were organized and represented by Local 1238. Election of officers is held every three years for the following positions:  Business Manager, President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer and seven Executive Board members.  The Assistant Business Manager position as well as shop stewards is appointed by the local union business manager.  The officers of the union work full time for the company conducting union business as covered by the negotiated contract.

As the local’s membership grew from 670 in 1960 to 750 in the 1962, time span, issues facing unions were becoming more complex and demanding more time. The local in 1961 realized the need to employee someone to work for the union on a full time basis and established the “Office of Business Manager”.  This individual would be employed on a full time basis on a leave of absence from the company.  The Union would pay his salary and or applicable benefits to allow this individual to conduct affairs on behalf of the local union and its members.  

In 1999 as the demands and complexity of running a union continued to grow the local established another full time position that of “Assistant Business Manager".

The local continues to represent its members striving for a safe work environment and a work place whereby our members are treated with dignity and respect.  Striving to improve the wages, benefits and well being of its members.

The local is active in various charitable functions throughout the community.  Some of the on going committees established by the local also help to improve our members well being for example—College Scholarship Committee, Retiree Club, Community Assistance Committee, and Older Member Committee.



It was founded in 1891, two years before George Westinghouse won the electric current wars by lighting up the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition with AC current, and before homes and businesses in the United States began receiving electricity. It is an international organization, based on the principle of collective bargaining.

Its current international president is Lonnie R. Stephenson, and is affiliated with the AFL-CIO.

The beginning of the IBEW were in the Electrical Wiremen and Linemen's Union No. 5221, founded in St. Louis, Missouri in 1890.[7][8] By 1891, after sufficient interest was shown in a national union, a convention was held on November 21, 1891 in St. Louis. At the convention, the IBEW, then known as the National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (NBEW), was officially formed. The American Federation of Labor gave the NBEW a charter as an AFL affiliate on December 7, 1891. The union's official journal, The Electrical Worker, was first published on January 15, 1893, and has been published ever since. At the 1899 convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the union's name was officially changed to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.